Orbot: Tor on Android

Free proxy app for connecting to the Tor network


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  • Program license Free
  • Version 16.1.2-RC-2-tor-
  • Size 10 MB
  • Works under: Android
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  • Program by The Tor Project

Orbot: Tor on Android is a free browser which allows you to access the Internet anonymously and bypass Internet filters by connecting to the Tor routing network. Orbot and Tor route your Internet signal through a series of "relays" between you and the site you are trying to access, which protects that site from seeing your real IP address and other personal information. Since there are hundreds of users on the Tor network and routes change every few minutes, it is nearly impossible for commercial or government agencies to track what sites you are visiting or which user is generating what traffic. Think of it as hiding in a crowd of people wearing identical masks.

Orbot: Tor on Android features several features which will help you in your goals of Internet freedom, including allowing you to set what apps on your Android access the Internet through Tor's network. Even if Tor is actively blocked on your network, you may be able to access the Tor network through the new VPN bridging mode.


  • A very simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Uses triple encryption to protect your data at all points between you and your destination.
  • Bypass Internet filters, protect your private IP address, and browse the Internet completely anonymously.
  • You can manually select which apps access the Internet by way of the Tor network.
  • New bridge mode allows you to access the Tor network even if it is actively blocked on your network.


  • It may be possible for other users of the Tor network (especially the entry node) to see your real IP address.
  • Since your signal is routed through multiple personal computers, your connections may be very slow when using Orbot and the Tor network.
  • Running an exit node relay may allow heinous or illegal signals traffic to be routed through your computer.
  • Multiple users report the app glitching and crashing on certain phone types, especially after the most recent UI update.
  • The relay IP addresses change too frequently, which can lead to data loss or an unstable connection.

* fixes for Bridge support

* updated to tor

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